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Time Out

So I am currently suspended from twitter due to the below tweet.

Which, you know, I'm not even mad about it.

It has enough keywords in there that I'm not terribly surprised it ended up getting moderated.

I *did* attempt an appeal, saying that, clearly the idea of a vaccine transforming someone into a complex piece of communication equipment is *clear enough* to be satire rather than vaccine fear mongering.

My appeal was pretty quickly rejected. Which did surprise me, but maybe shouldn't have, since you have to consider that a lot of people try to hide terrible ideas behind the context of "I'm just joking".

So, in this case, while I still think I was at least 3 paces off the line, moderating content is nearly a complete "grey area" moral mess, and tough work, so I'm cool with the above being a false positive casualty of the difficult and necessary work that Twitter is doing.

Although I also found the process of being suspended for a naughty tweet interesting as well.

When I login into my twitter account I can't do anything at the moment. Can't view anything, can't post, it just immediately brings me to a single page, displaying my flagged tweet, and a big red delete button.

Which I found interesting. First, it means I actually have *more* access to twitter when not logged in, which I find amusing.

Secondly, that they have even bothered presenting me with this metaphorical "choice". The tweet is already effectively deleted in every manner that matters. So why even make me click a thing to "delete it"?

I don't know if it is just a UI decision, to make actions against posts very clear?

Or if they were advised by a psychologist, to make the user "own up" to their actions and make it seem like the decision is actually theirs.

I also find my reaction to it interesting. I mean what I said above. I think it is *good* they flagged my tweet. I think it is *defensible* for them to even reject my appeal, since if they didn't, some *worse person* might point to the words used in my tweet and be like "my tweet is just like that one!"

Twitter's actions here are fine. That said, I also don't think it is in violation.

So, at the moment, I can't bring myself to click that delete button. Which, I guess means I'll never get to use twitter again?

My actual posting on twitter, for me, was always low stakes. I genuinely didn't care how many likes a post got, the only thing I really rated it on was whether I liked it, and I found it interesting scroll through some old ones, to kind of remind myself where I was at.

But I've been meaning to start blogging again anyway.

And honestly, being off twitter is probably for the best. The drama bubble involve with being "engaged" with it is fun, and it actually is super enjoyable to be able to interact directly with some really smart people, some of whom are authors of books I really adore... But it is also a novelty seeking Skinner box dressed up as a marketplace of ideas.

We'll see if it sticks or not. Maybe I'll be mashing that big red button within the week to restore my IV drip of curated confirmation bias.