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Poser v Poser

It all started, when a boy at my L stop asked me where I got my "You are being lied to" shirt.

When I told him I got it from the site "", that seemed to be all the credentials he needed. Clearly, I was a hardcore punk rocker.

This is, of course, completely wrong. From my "101010" hat, to my khaki pants, to my polished black Clarks, I may as well be wearing a "Caution, Poser" sandwich board.

As the boy left this apraisal of me unspoken, I didn't feel a need to correct him. Afterall, what harm could come from a 12-13 year old boy believing that *I* was hardcore?

His worship of me started small at first. Attempts at ackward small talk. Walking back and forth infront of me while I listened to my headphones or read a book.

Deathly afraid any prolonged interaction would reveal my true nature to him, and stop the worship, I continued to pretend to not notice him, and his clumbsy attempts at getting my attention.

This worked for a month or two.

However, a few weeks ago, the boy upped the ante.

It started off as normal. Me listening to my headphones, the boy walking past me a couple times. Eventually the boy stopped pacing, and began to inch closer to me. Again, I paid no notice.

That is, until I smelled something pungent. The sharp spike of a permanent marker being used.

I looked over, and the boy had just "tagged" an empty while billboard space with "Vegan FOREVR". The boy was staring at me, marker in hand, presumably waiting for my judgement.

I gave a slight smile, and returned to listening to my headphones.

A few days later. A simliar thing happened. The train arrived, and the boy got on the same train as I. He didn't take a seat, instead he stooped by one of the doors, hidden from the rest of the train by the dividers, except to me. A few minutes later, he plopped down in the seat beside me. His "NO WAR" tag, clearly visible on the door.

Just this morning, I saw the boy down the street as I was entering the L station. Presumably he saw me.

After a few minutes of reading, I spotted him. Not inching towards me along the platform as usual, but as a white shirted ghost coming at me from the side of the tracks.

Presumably he had jumped the fence, and was now running up by the tracks, leaping the third rail, running to the end of the platform, and climbing up.

A middle aged woman was squacking at him, and as he passed me, he craned his neck, watching me, even walking backwards a bit, as if to be certain not to miss my secret hardcore punk signal that he was officially "punk" now.

So, there we have it. A child of punk, desperately trying to gain the punk affections of his presumed local punk diety. Whose knowledge of punk music was atained solely from a short 3 month relationship 5 years ago.

In order to assure this lad doesn't attempt anything more dangerous, action needs to be taken.

I need to send a decisive message to this boy, that I am not who he thinks I am.

So that's why, this weekend, I will goto the mall, find a store selling "Tommy Hilfiger" stuff, and buy a full outfit of it.

Kyle, the punk poser, fashion Jesus, signing off.

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Date posted: 09 May '03 - 10:56
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