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Object Oriented

I am haunted by the clacking sound of the biological dominoes already in motion that will eventually result in me being responsible for a teenage girl.

Which is probably why these two recent studies caught my eye:

The first is the terrifying notion that girls as young as 6 years old want to look "sexy".

The second is a psychological study about how the brains of both men and woman are tend to view men as a whole entities and women as parts.

There is another study mentioned in the first article also discussing how "sexy clothing" in young girls only leads to be being popular... among other girls.

Taken together, I think it forms a different narrative than the standard "male dominated sexualized culture causing low self-esteem", I'm sure we're guilty of that, and I'm not letting guys off the hook.

But it seems clear that there is also a feedback loop in young girls peer groups where they pick up on, some level, that sexy clothes are equated with some form of power, or successfully risks the most anatomical scrutiny of peers.

Especially since the second study never mentions whether this also makes woman more likely to view *themselves* as a collection of district parts in a way that maybe men don't?

It even seems to hint that maybe one thing that railroaded the modern feminist movement *was* the freedom to buck trends of modesty and, as a culture, wear more revealing clothes, which then made both men and woman move obsessed with the abundance of more exposed parts.

It makes me also wonder what affect burkas have on the perception of females. Forced burka policies are the hallmark of a gender oppressive country, but what if they began being donned not for government or religious reasons, but as a voluntary feminist solution to solve the biological distractions that keep all of us from parsing women as whole entities?

A father can dream.

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