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Book Piracy Redux

My friend Jason who doesn't have a blog and who doesn't read my blog had some interesting insight on my recent blog post regarding e-book piracy.

He is a big believer in Baen Books which has been providing DRM-free ebooks for years now, far before e-readers were popular.

Their stated stance on piracy is that "obscurity is a much bigger threat to authors than piracy".

So during a several hour drive we worked to find a reasonable ethical...ish middle ground.

What we came up with was similar to the "first ones free" maxim. That if you honestly don't know if an author is for you downloading their first book (ideally a sample free book from their site that they offer) is a reasonable "toe in the water" measure. Depending on in if you use the library, borrow the book from a friend or bittorrent, possibly illegal.

I was then happy to see this sort of idea echoed by Neil Gaiman who highlights the problem as not being a supply side issue, but one of nursing demand. This quote (in response to a bookseller's concerns about Neil giving away American Gods for free) about sums it up:

Remember: one in four adults read no books last year. Among those who said they had read books, the median figure with half reading more, half fewer was nine books for women and five for men. The figures also indicated that those with college degrees read the most, and people aged 50 and up read more than those who are younger. Which means you need to find ways to get young readers to read books. And means that if someone likes American Gods and goes out and buys my entire backlist from you, that's more books than most Americans read in a year.

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I think first ones free is fairly well covered in the market. You can often get a free chapter of a book, or a free single off a disk, etc.
Obscure artists who don't attempt to market themselves with free samples are bad at marketing, in my opinion.
by: Mike (contact) - 17 Feb '11 - 16:21


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