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The Dishonest Minority

Read a very interesting article by Bruce Schneier today.

While most of his writing is on Security (both physical and electronic) this is a step back discussing *why* security is necessary.

He identifies the cause as "The Dishonest Minority", which I find very compelling as it seems to very accurately describe the archetype that everybody seems to think is responsible for the downfall of our society.

Depending on who you are you might identify any of the following as part of the Dishonest Minority:

  • The Government
  • Corporate CEOs
  • Welfare Moms
  • The Mafia

So this is clearly a core worry that all types of people share, we just differ to the degree of which groups pose a threat.

The author then points out that we spend a lot of money trying to keep this dastardly minority in check.

I wonder how much of our political miscommunications comes from people eying these "security" expenses and day dreaming about how nice it would be to save all that money by eliminating the one group they think are the root of all the dishonestly.


I think the dishonest minority cuts a across *all* groups (except perhaps the 18th century Quakers).
Clearly, this cross-cutting concern calls for some Aspect Oriented Security.
I feel another book concept coming on.
By the way, did you see the 7 archetypes of a malicious hackers on schneier's blog?
What a great article to send to your CEO.
by: Mike (contact) - 15 Feb '11 - 18:16
My point was that the dishonest minority is clearly present in many aspects, but that people unconsciously apply the label when they don't know they're doing it.
The political equivalent of a dog spotting a "Squirrel!".
Thanks for that other article on the hacker archetypes. Although the fact that I can't seem to quickly identify where script kiddies fall seems to be a black mark against it.
None of the identifications seem to identify people who are simply experimenting (irresponsibly) without any other end goal in mind.
by: Kyle (contact) - 17 Feb '11 - 10:24


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