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I like hubcaps

To quote Brak exactly, here's some stuff that I like:

  • The Passage (Book) - We're only 475 pages into this 800 page tome, but I think we're both dreading the eventuality that it has to end.
  • Rough Science (TV) - We're watching this on Netflix, and I adore it so much. If I had a cloak of invisibility I would spend the entire time watching this show making tiny excited claps
  • Wok in the Park (Restaurant) - Suspiciously addicting fresh Asian food.
  • Afterschool (Movie) - Found this via The Onion AV Club, a hauntingly authentic viewpoint that at times very hard to watch.
  • The Walking Dead (TV) - Duh.
  • Wired (Magazine) - Before I got this as a gift one year I believed that my casual skimming off the Internet was providing me with everything suited to my interests. But I keep finding fascinating nuggets in this magazine every week (Such as the apocalyptic scenario which would play out by creating even a single left-handed cell capable of photosynthesis.)
  • Questionable Content (Webcomic) - Hi, I'm Kyle, and I'm addicted to a webcomic soap opera, and I'm loving it.

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Cool. Thanks for the recommendations!
by: Mike (contact) - 01 Dec '10 - 18:42


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