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The Madness of King George's Constituents

More Pics - Video

It's finally happened. The above snapshot of the events of the G8 to me, seem so unplausable, that it seems only reasonable that it seems far more likely that I've gone crazy and am no longer interpreting external stimuli correctly, than that the democratically elected man of the world's most powerful nation possesses the tact and social acumen of an eigth grader.

So, I'm glad that's settled. I'm mad as a hatter, and so must be blogging to myself.

Good day to you figments of my own mind, and remind me to brush my teeth tonight.

(My thanks to Meg for the talking points memo link)


If you could just find more clips like this, it would require much less effort to refrain from political rants...
by: Gabe (contact) - 23 Jul '06 - 13:35
I think 8th grader is being generous... My dog knows when he's not supposed to be putting his paws on something...
by: Bryce (contact) - 01 Aug '06 - 09:07


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