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I had a long, nuanced, take on this Elliot Rodger stuff.

But instead of posting, I deleted it, and decide to post this instead:

"Elliot Rodger is an evil, cowardly, murderer." -Kyle

This is an excellent life choice on my part.

Ready Player One

I just finished reading Ready Player One, and I just wanted to talk "outloud" about how much I enjoyed it.

Some thoughts on it:

  • It is a weird feeling to have a book seem like it was written precisely for you to enjoy.
  • I haven't read a book this difficult to put down since Ender's Game.
  • This book makes me wish Neal Stephenson still put out standalone books less than 500 pages.

In any case, if you ever look back fondly on the culture you consumed as a child in the early 80s, this book may have a barb pointed at your nostalgic heart.