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If I had a hammer

While Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog may have tainted the association forever, I often find it useful to think of the logical portion of my brain as a tool. A hammer specifically.

The simile is particularly obvious at night, when it's incessant presence first annoys me and eventually makes me feel like the helpless neighbor of a prolific nocturnal carpenter.

The comparison also helps to separate the "A+B=C" automatic sequencing I perform all day from who I am. It used to be that the mere thought of someone "smarter" than me would drive me to existential crisis. But when you think of reasoning as just another wielded skill that humans makes use of, I find the remainder a much more comfortable living room for a self.

My brief, but frequent dabblings in meditation also helped with this insight. If you totaled how I've spent my life so far, my guess is I've probably spent more time literally vomiting from sickness than spent in a comfortable state of having my calculating mind "off".