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Soda Politics

An oft hollered question on this blog these last dozen years has been regarding how such a fundamental difference in viewing reality has come about in American politics.

Today My Friend Chuck whose blog is better than mine shared an article by David Frum entitled "When Did the GOP Lose Touch With Reality?"

Frum is a staunch Conservative, and was one of loudest voices for the invasion of Iraq. So rather than tearing down Conservative values he is more providing insight into what has happened to the GOP in the last ten years.

I think his most interesting point is his observation that the Republican Party these past years has transformed into something altogether different from the standard political party of 80's that it used to be.

Having a nation wide network of TV ,radio shows and book authors willing to parrot your talking points is useful. The problem being, that ratings often rewards the exaggerators (see also, Glen Beck), eventually after many years there has been the subtle shift of politics driving news content, to news show antics driving politics.

Republicanism is now no different than a brand, and currently it is the Coke of the market. Both in economic success, and in the fact that it has essentially refined itself over the years tto have the maximal appeal to its target audience, even if that means becoming a sickly sweet secret concoction with questionable value to the well being of its consumers.