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Things I Enjoy

So I originally sat down and wrote a big long piece about being a father of two. It had some decent bits in it, but overall it came off really whiny, and in the end failed the "would anybody really care about this?" test pretty spectacularly.

So instead, while I'm here, here are some bits of popular culture I've been enjoying quite a lot:

  • Louis C.K.'s Show "Louie" on FX - Lighthearted yet brutally honest comedy.
  • The Dresden Files Book Series - Addictive fantasy pulp
  • Being Human (UK Version) - A ghost, a werewolf and a vampire try to be human. Delightfully creative narratives with memorable characters, a smattering of genuine moments to anchor it and sparing use of some truly nail biting moments of tension.
  • SpaceChem the Game - Uncompromising hardcore puzzler.