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According to the receipt I just dug out of the trash, as of 9:52 am this morning I became a man conflicted.

It was at 9:52 am on the morning of Jan 30th this morning that I purchased my very first "cup" from a local sporting goods store.


On Authority

I have a very old habit. Whenever I encounter an unusual truth I find myself mental describing it as if to my son.

For much of my life this "son" whom I mentally imagined hanging on every dispensed nugget of mine wisdom, was entirely theoretical. Which unfortunately for my less than theoretical child, I never once jotted down any of these seemingly notable epiphanies, and in fact, forgot the contents of nearly all of them to the one.

Which is just as well, since this exercise in retrospect seems to resemble more of a day-dreamed fantasy of being old and wise enough to be listened to by others, than about producing a body of "street wisdom" to pass onto my subsequent generations.

So when I next go the itch to perform one of these one-man "life seminars" for an audiance of myself, I decided to try to commit it to paper. If only to see if the thoughts seemed as important as they seemed reflected in the dreamy and engaged fake child in my mind seemed to think they were of if they truly were a weak pretense at mental masturbation.

I now present to you, what may, or may not become a recurring segment "Letters to My Son" on the subject of Authority. I warn you not to attempt to follow this advice, as it assumes the audience is a bit off like myself, and is unlikely to be of much use to most normal people. (more)

Life's Odometer

So it is a new year, and that can only mean... that I have some crazy new resolutions!

My resolution from last year, to only eat one sweet thing per day was going pretty well, until around March, when I kind of let it go and let myself eat all the comfort food I liked. Which was fine anyway, since my wife was not a fan of it.

I was tempted to try it again this year, but with the year only a dozen days gone I have been continually blundering into minefields of delectable sweets that are seemingly tiled to the walls about our house after the holidays. They are swiftly eaten by someone who doesn't seem to care what I think on the matter.

A similar resolution in similar shambles is the idea of not eating after 8pm, a concept that I am gleefully defying even while writing this. It also encountered wife opposition, presumably because a startling percentage of our 10 year relationship involves snacking on the couch next to each other.

So that leaves but one contender oath left that seems to bear any chance of long term cohabitation in my brain and with my wife.


Boring Administrative Note

I upgraded the blog software, reenabled the captcha software that broke after the server move, and cleaned out many thousands of spam posts.

This is one reason people are giving up blogging and turning to twitter and facebook instead. 06 Jan '10 - 20:35 | Kyle | General | 3 comments | Permalink