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Money in Politics

I feel left out of politics right now.

So much of our political discourse at the moment seems to be about complex economic situations that even the top economics admit they don't fully understand, what could I really have to contribute?

I think that is why I find myself drawn to simple sounding solutions which also validate my existing worldview.

I am not entirely sure on what the result of imposing an additional tax-bracket on Millionaires, but I certainly like the sound of it.

So much so, that I'd try it myself... I think that the first step on our road to recovery is to outlaw (or maybe just impose a 300% tax on) seasonal animatronic novelty toys. This would include rapping santas, rapping halloween zombie skulls and rapping valentines day flowers. and I glower at them every time I see them in the impulse shelving area at my local grocery store. To me they are the physical representation of our country's collective avarice and emptiness.

So while I doubt outlawing them will actually have any sort of effect on determining the proper market value of mortgage-backed securities, it will, at minimum, stem the ownership of physical toxic assets.