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This is me plugging an opinion piece from the Guardian.

I like it for a couple reasons, if only for crystallizing an awful lot about what bugs me about the current political climate into a single issue.

I also like that it points out that there may be a lot of displaced anger getting heaped on Bush due to us not wanting to accept how bad things have gotten.

Things always go back to normal after you are rid of an incarnation of evil, but if our president is just a run of the mill exploitative politician, then that means that much of the mess is here to stay...

The Neverending Day

I really haven't slept in the past 36 hours. At moments I was certainly unconscious, but it was never restful.

I have been dreading this trip for easily a month now.

Not only did I know it was going to be physically grueling to have to drive a a carful of expensive servers across the country, but it also required a frightful amount of preparation.

The mean type of preparation where if you miss something, the entire trip might be all for naught.

I think of myself as a details oriented person. The devil is often there, and the little things are quite often the difference between a plan becoming a cigar chomping, impromptu vehicle/weapon A-Team style moment of pure victory vs the equivalent of a dropped pitcher of milk. Now, I know Elyssa would take issue with this assessment, most likely quipping at my inability to notice that the dishes in the sink need to be put away, and I don't really have a clever retort for that. The point is, I obsess over large complex tasks like these. Preparation for them consumes me in a way dirty juice classes never will.

The lion's share of this past day has been spent driving in shifts with Jason towards Florida. Allow me to share with you what travel upon the open road has taught me:

Illinois shares a border with Kentucky!

I know this is not news to all the winners of Geography Bees out there, but to me it was shocking both in a factual as well as in a social way. Think about it. This geographic arrangement means that there are places in Illinois home to those indistinguishable from the Liquor and Cheese hawking Wisconsinites, as well as tall waitresses with mullets that make liberal use of twang and "y'all".

I observed both on my travels, and it upsets me greatly that such a broad menagerie of "folks" be allowed to co-habitate in the same state.

What is the point of 50 arbitrary divisions of land if regional stereotypes do not abide by their borders?

Neither Jason or I can distinguish Top 40 Christian Rock from normal Top 40 Rock

Honestly, we listened to it for half an hour before we suspected anything.

And it took a man loudly proclaiming that the station was a listener supported Christian Rock Radio station for us to become at all suspicious.

Every song sounded like Death Cab for Cutie. And they never, ever mentioned Jesus or his dad. More just general ballads about "Giving", "Being Lost" and "Find his Love". This simply is an unfair breech of protocol. If you're going to write a Christian Rock song you really should use either the world "Jesus" or "Ezekiel", ideally, somewhere in either the title or the refrain.

Since they have broken the rules, I humbly ask all the song writers of the world to please add an appropriately distinctive lyric (e.g. "cocks" or "bitchin'") in the first 10 seconds of any non-Christian Rock song you write, so that I may quickly identify it as such, and never be so fooled again. (Never Again!)

They have Listener Supported Christian Rock Stations in the South!

I actually think this is pretty cool, as I'm not a fan of most commercial radio, an opinion only strengthened by my 18 hour drive.

Don't wear the same socks for 36 hours

You can try to take them off after that, but more of it is going to stick to your foot then what you peel off.

Alright, acquired knowledge successfully dispensed.

I am now past the realm of unwisely tired, and will finally surrender the day.