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Rebel without Collateral

Once upon a time, there was a hopeless boy who liked a girl, but had no idea if he liked her back.

A problem akin to that of Schroedinger's daughter. Hope relies on things being safely undefined.

It also has the upside of being largely free of stark reality of either sort (be they cleaning a litter box or digging a cat-sized grave).

So the boy watched helpless, hyper-alert for any signs dropped by his adored, which may foreshadow the eventual result either way. He drank in the otherwise ignored minutia which Hope thrives upon.

Each night, the boy would rally against his cowardice of the day, bemoan his lack of progress and curse the trap he had set for himself. Afterall, each day could be seen as a waste regardless of the end result.

Either he was wasting day upon day pining unrequited for something that would never be, or more frightening, he was flitting away days that could be otherwise spent basking in the arms of his love. Every day past was one less day that he and his destined feminine half would be apart, one day forever damned to never be spent skipping through green fields over looked by a single deciduous tree.

Upon waking, in the stark light of the day, the vows of the night before were largely meaningless. "She's too distracted right now." "She just smiled at another boy". Afterall, what, truly, would be the harm in delaying the risk for a more ideal day? Reliably, each day, a new circumstance presented itself which could be nothing other than a perfectly reasonable excuse for inaction.

And so it went.

Until one night, the boy had an idea.


Kyle Simpson

Completely unbidden by any corporate masters, I recommend that you check out the Simpson's Movie site. It's really well done, and has lots of good time wasters, including an impressively done simpsons "avatar" maker.

However, I don't recommend the Burger King sponsored

In theory, you upload a picture and it auto-magically makes a simpson figure out of it. I tried many, many pictures, even to the point of trying to photoshop the pictures to try to guess what the site wanted. Consider it pre-frustrated.

I also don't recommend the site It lacks any flash widgets of any sort. Although it does load impressively quickly.

The Sights and Smells

So I've been to NYC quite a few times in my life.

But it was only on this, my fifth visit, where I noticed one of they city's more unique features.

They have no alleys, so all garbage is put out on the sidewalks, which I presume is the reason the shopkeepers spray off the sidewalk in the morning.

I didn't even notice it when I was amongst it, and it took Elyssa actually pointing at the piles of trash for me to notice.

At first, I thought it was just garbage day. But, from my sample set of a couple days, it is garbage day 100% of the time in New York, in all parts of the city.

Me x Time

A new resource for those who enjoy looking at my head!

Kyles of Our Lives.