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Voting Day

I mentioned this idea to some friends of mine today for an absolutely new film genre called "Political Horror".

It starts out, with all the characters in the film being setup as stereotypical members of a certain political party. You can make one for each party.

They are then killed in gruesomely ironic ways thinly linked to policies they are assumed to support.

And if you get M. Night Shyamalan to direct, you can give it the twist ending that the people whose death you just cheered on weren't actually supporters of the party you thought, but the opposite!


Scientists have found a way to make war more surreal:



So I have recently begun taking Judo lessons.

Nearly everyone I mention this fact to expresses surprise.

And for good reason. A "Phy-Ed" situation such as the one I have voluntarily put myself in is *exactly* the sort of thing I have been reveling in freedom from these past 10 years.

I believe the major reason I look back at High School in such a poor light, despite having no real terrible or scarring memories from the experience, was that it was the last time I had to do something I didn't want to.

Since then, I have collected hobbies that nearly uniformly involve zero to no phyiscal activity, and almost no chance for me to look ridiculous.

But just recently it has dawned on me that no one is trying to force me to do phy-ed anymore. I am fleeing from it, despite no one actually caring enough to give chase.

And so it was, that I decided to give it a try. I had always been interested in Judo. The concept of "using other's strength against them" always struck a cord with me. And, in the min/maxing center of my mind I thought that it might be one of the few physical activities where being short and stout was a tangible advantage.

There is one other component to all of this: I like telling stories.

What I like most, is telling stories where I am doing something foolish, ridiculous, etc. However, in the past 10 years, as I have selected for situations that almost *insure* that I never look foolish. Where I continue to pursue and delve into activities I am already good at. My pool of stories has suffered greatly. The average age of my favorite stories grows inevitably older.

One last angle worth noting. I almost never talk to strangers any more. All my self-defense mechanisms rely on comedic statements that require a somewhat intimate atmosphere. You just can't self-deprecate infront of strangers, you'd just sound like a lame person describing themselves.

And so it is, that I am left changing clothes in a lockerroom surrounded by men talking about the upcoming Ultimate Fighting Championship. That I am left to display my own clumsy feet infront of crowds. That I am left to suffer through the Sensei pointing out to the class that I put my "Judo Pants" on completely backwards, and have absolutely no comedic recourse.

I feel absolutely naked (especially during the bit where I have to undress infront of buff strangers). In fact, during the first few lessons I was convinced someone would point at me and say "Yuck, he's not wearing any of his emotional defense mechanisms, call the police!"

In short, I continually find myself naked in a classroom, and yet, it's not really all that bad.

The One Party System

Sometimes I get the feeling that people are just voting on these two issues:

And what's worse, is I find myself constantly gravitating towards the latter.

Steel Canyons

So while driving on 394 the other day, I found myself in awe of the sheer amount of metal present alongside the highway. There's lots of it. And the fact that there is very likely many hundreds of thousands more metal present than the amount that impressed me begs a word somewhere beyond awe.

With the help of netflix I believe I may have identified it as Koyaanisqatsi.

I just finished watching that movie, and I am in a mental state that must surely be similar to that of the archetypal stoner speaking about the state of the world in hushed important tones. So if the following sounds similar, please take my assurances that my current brain state has had no chemical inducement.