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The Mark

So, I believe myself to be the easiest mark in all the world.

Now, it's not just that my bleeding heart leanings, and intense social dread of akward social interactions with strangers that award me this right.

Even when you take into account my tendency to vastly undervalue abstract currency compared to solid items, my markitude rank barely tickles the bar of "Senior Rube"

The thing that sets me apart from the hapless 60 per hour birthrate babes of the land is that I genuinely enjoy the process of being grifted.

About 30 minutes ago I walked out of the Wholefoods® in downtown Evanston into what can only be described as a "setup" more efficient than a pony sized mechanical spider which pins you down and removes the money from your wallet..



So what could possibly be worse than sectarian death squads executing people in front of their families?

Bombing Puppies.

Apparently the terrorists have been doing their research, and learned that most American's care way more about the fate of a puppy than any number of Iraqis.

But don't feel bad if you, yourself fall into that group. Be outraged at popular media for doing such a poor job in acclimating us to the violent deaths of other species.


On my way back up from my christmas trip to TX, I was in the airport, on a "moving walkway", and elyssa pointed out something about the man infront of us, that I had not yet noticed.

This thing she pointed out, made me instantly identify the man as a comrade in arms. I was in the motions of beginning to exclaim to him, as two war veterans who served 3 tours together might involuntarily yell to one another upon first sighting.

Now, the weird thing about this, is going back in my mind, I imagine what else there could have been about this man that would have evoked a similar action from me. (more)

Waste not, Want not

In a story I can't find any where on US news sites, it appears the US Army (presumably on accident) sent recruitment letters to some dead and/or dismembered ex-Army officers.

But what if it wasn't on accident? Just the last bit of "dotting the i's" before returning the first batch of raised from the dead soldiers and reanmiated limbs back into the breach?

Now the ban on showing returning coffins makes perfect sense...

That... Or Army recruiters are just a bunch of dicks.


So there's this condition, where you wake up in the middle of the night, unable to move. These days it's called "Sleep Paralysis".

You need to have this bit of knowledge, because I couldn't stop thinking about it while I was watching the movie Children of Men.

Words like "gripping" and "spell binding" have been terribly diluted by the various review-o-bots in existance. But if I could take you back in time to where those adjectives were capable of describing something meaningful, I would, and this post would be much shorter.

In the olden days, when people got sleep paralysis, they thought it was caused by a "hag" sitting on your chest.

Okay, so now I have you imagining yourself paralyzed in the middle of the night, awoken from a dream, and you think it's caused by a malevolent hag sitting right on your rib cage.

Only now are you capable of being able to understand what the above movie was like.