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Uncivil War

So the news in Iraq this week has taught me something interesting, notably, that the measure of tension in a region can be characterized by how they choose to kill each other.

The mildest, dare I say, most cordial manner of killing one another, is indiscriminate bombing. Your marketplaces, your police recruiting lines, etc. People can still stay at home, and be reasonably assured they won't die.

The next most impolite manner of killing is your kidnapping, execution, and leaving the body beside a road. It leaves lots of room for personal touches, and only results, at worst, in some stained dirt. If Miss Manners was a militant Shiite, this is how she'd kill someone.

From there, it simply gets outright uncouth. Lighting people on fire without even the basic decency to drive them around in the back of a van first.

The worse known infraction, is of course showing up at ones house with an unannounced guest, and then slaughtering the host in full view of their families.

But, as we know from our own Civil War One, these are but the growing pains of any new democracy. We all recall the time in our history where brother faced brother, and set him on fire infront of their sister.

However, having learned from our own history, I'm confident that if a civil war does break out, we will take every pain to reduce civilian casualties to a minimum.

Or failing that, sketch out an aggressive 5-year plan to build enough morgues to hold all the civilian casualties.

Our Long Nightmare

So a lot of people are most likely clamboring for my opinion of now not-so recent events.

Well here goes.

A nation divided. Opinions and emotions so devisive that reasoned debate of the two options were impossible.

One accused of cow-towing to only the wealthy. Offering nothing more than the same uninspired status quo with new polish.

The other group, accused of being over idealistic. Their actions guided by nothing more than wishful thinking, and a strong hope that there had to be something better than the current offerings.

Well, now that the numbers are all in, I think it's safe to say, that the Wii rules! Suck it PS3 owners. Because unless you're an A or B list actor / sports star, you probably don't have a PS3 right now.

Whereas several more million turned up at stores to get (and actually be able to purchase) a Wii.

The picture above is one of me, bundled up, with the light of dawn illuminating my comicly fogged over glasses. We were the lucky ones, only having to stay out in the balmy 15 degree weather for a mere 4 hours to place our hands on the prize.

My friend gabe was brave enough to accompany me on our knightly deed of consumer electronics purchasing.

The second I got the Wii hooked up, it had me. Literally, I was gape mouthed at the initial screen which let me choose what language I spoke. The controller vibrating slightly, emitting a pleasant sound from... the controller, not the screen. I twirled the phantom hand around the screen with a lazy twirl of my wrist.

I called Gabe over, and his words summed it up. "This is the fuckin' future right here".


So it's happened.

After 8 years of wearing my particular hat, the "man" has finally caught on to the merchandising possibilities inherent in it.

Now, the front of the shirt is done alright. But the back just seems like a mish mash of random crap.

I guess they test marketted it, and decided it needed the logos of 10 obscure sponsors on the back.

And, as to the "sysadmin of year" bit on it, I'm not even sure what the hell that is.

This confuses me most. If anyone, I would be the market for this shirt. Sysadmin, HHGTTG fan, Fluent in Binary, enjoys digg, bawls and sourceforge.

Yet I still wouldn't purchase this shirt.

Maybe it's for management types to buy *for* their respective sysadmins? To declare them sysadmin of the year?

In any case, I call upon you, my half dozen loyal readers, to wield your economic might as a cludgel, and abstain from purchasing that exact shirt. Only by this mighty gesture will we make it clear to them that they need to give me way more money if they wanna steal my idea.

(Thanks to Kamil for pointing the shirt to me in the first place)