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Just a quick note that I fixed a bug stopping people from being able to comment. (Thanks to Andy for pointing out it was busted)

Sonic Silence

First off, please take notice of the three links to other people's blogs I've added over on the left. Perhaps these people can help keep you entertained between my long silences.

Speaking of being self-referential, I apologize for this, yet another political, totally not funny post.

To get even more self-referential, here's my thought process for posting these things.

I get these ideas, which I think are so lucid and awesome, that I expect the second that they are uttered that they will sunder the world atwain with the truth of their meaning.

So I do, and then the earth stubbornly remains intact. Reality itself unabashed.

And then I ruminate over the result. As I've covered, the options seem to be that I'm completely out of touch or that all of society is wrong for not embracing my awesome ideas. Either result, is of course, pretty freaking depressing.

In any case, here I go again: (more)