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I think you overestimate how much people, as a whole, suck.

Okay, first off, Nerd Scout's honor, no more political rants after this. I'm boring myself at this point.

A friend sent me this today, and I enjoyed it very much.

It really does strike to the heart of a lot of what I've been blathering on about.

So, while the article states things in a far clearer way than I ever could... I still take issue with a part of it.

The bit explaining the difference in perspective amongst liberals and conservatives I find right on.

However, their motive for explaining why conservatives believe what they do, I find wanting. At that, it seems just another chance to paint a thin mustache and top hat upon the other team...

I happen to have an alternative theory on what splits people into these devisive groupings we've found ourselves in. (more)

Outrage-ous Fortune

So I've begun to question my unalterable faith in the power of technology recently.

Quite simply, my techno-lust, that is, my need to buy the newest gadgets, my irrational exhuberance for the slightly innovated has simply faded away these last years.

Computers are so fast as is, I can't tell a 3 Ghz machine from a 2 Ghz. The idea of getting a "high def" TV bores me completely. Even video games seem to be trending towards grotesque tick like things, swelled with hours of movies which involve no interation, the only thrill to be found in wriggling virtual tiny limbs, uselessly.

Quite simply, it seems ike the juggernaut of innovation and change that the march of progress promises has been coming up short lately.

But, just today, I realized I hadn't been looking in the right place...

My wife and I were at Target. And as we walked by the camping section, I noticed these 1:10 scale models of tents postitioned above the large cardboard boxes of synthetic materials and flimsy plastic poles.

A fantastic idea really. A tidy and space efficient way of communicating the product to the consumer, while also making the product seem perfectly managable in all ways.

It was at that point, I realized that the technology advances this decade would be known for, would not be wiz-bang contraptions which made food pills into banquets, or flying cars. This decade would be remembered for the advances it made in the science of manipulating people.