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Was just watching CNN, and noticed on the "crawl" that the Terror Alert status was still Yellow.

Just thought I'd pass that riveting piece of information onto all my readers, so that you can plan for your Memorial Day weekend with an appropriate amount of vigilence (which would be "Elevated", I practice with flash cards).

On the off chance the terror alert happens to change after I post this, the icon below should also immediately reflect the change (if only we could invent a type of freedom they didn't hate so much)...

After the civil liberties we enjoy, it's well known that the *second* most grating thing to the terrorists living halfway across the world is the literary technique known as alliteration. So, in keeping with my patriotic duty to stir up unbounded anger in people, who presumably live in some sort of hut, I have composed the following:

All conceivable chaperons of catastrophe can only cower at the concept of our country's color-code coordinated circumspectional clout!

Suck on that Osama.

This Courage-Alert is brought to you by the letter 'C'

George Lucas is Fucking Crazy

I've been quoted as saying something to the effect of "George Lucas is Nutballs", or "Fuck that George Lucas Guy" for the good part of the last 6 years.

It all started in 2000 when he vowed never to release the original triology on DVD. (I know, I hold intense grudges over incredibly trivial things).

That's not completely true I guess. At first I thought he was just being a shrewd business man "If I say I'm not releasing what everybody wants, maybe they'll buy this other crap". Which they did.

Then I saw his latter three movies. And that's the point in which I realized that he had, somehow, gone completely insane.

Well, either his shrewd play is finally coming to an end, or he needs to check himself into the sort of expensive place that can treat 20 years of living as the worlds most powerful mental invalid, as he has finally agreed to release the original theatrical versions on DVD.

Although they're only releasing them individually... So it looks like I'll have to put my nerd rage on simmer until his 30 year long of squeezing out mild iterations of his cash cow will come to an end with a *box set* of the originals...

But Kyle, you ask, will you still be angry with him after that?

To which I answer, since he has no biological children, I may be content when the geezer finally keels over, and none of his remains exist above ground to tamper with that which I used to love so dearly.

In summary, I don't like George Lucas, a lot.