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We're right, we're both wrong.

zero sum

Since the election of 2004, I've posted a number of times over my confusion and frustration over the result.

It wasn't the actual winner/loser status that concerned me, just the fact that I couldn't seem to explain the motivations of those who voted for Team A and not my favored Team B.

I heard a lot from both sides of this, and it truly seemed to me that the accepted answer on both sides was that anyone who voted for the other team was, without argument, mentally damaged in some way. Whether that reason be being blinded by other larger concerns, actively voting against their own self-interest or naive about the "proper" role of government in your life.

I'm going to be honest here, and say that I found this absurdly thin explanation alluring. Everything is so simple when the people that don't agree with you are simply idiots or cowards.

But, as much as I wanted to accept this, and get on worrying about something else in my life, I found I couldn't accept it. I could feel the disapproving stare of Occam over allowing an explanation that requires classifying half the voters in America to be, in some manner, deranged.

It has stayed in the back of my mind since then... (more)