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So I had a really poor night Monday night.

I was probably as hysterical as one can get when neither blood nor fire is involved. Don't worry, it's nothing important though.

Some of you might know, that I have a computer hobby. The very core of this hobby is the server which outputs the page you are now reading. Some guys fix up old classic cars and place them in humidity controlled garages with special anti-scratch fabric coverings. I buy used computers and put them in fancy humidity controlled "colocation" facilities which resemble large, eerily empty supermarkets with nothing but freezer aisles.

Unsuprisingly, it was with this "baby" appliance of mine, housed some 430 miles away from my person that had me shaking and pacing in anger only 24 hours ago. Screams of wild rage would have surely been belted forth, had I thought they'd be worth having to explain to my then-awoken wife exactly what the problem was. (more)

And the Couch is Goal

I'm worried about my wife.

I have done the math, and at her current rate of rug buying within 5 years, each room in our house will have a pile of rugs a foot and a half tall in the middle of it.

It really does confuse me. She was adamant during the house buying that we have wood floors. So we get a house with wood floors.

But now, apparently, we need to buy overly expensive and mismatched carpet to cover it?

The best explaination I've come up with, is that she must have a regressed memory from childhood, and has now, somehow felt the need to bulid the most perfect "the floor is lava" course ever.

With the addtions she's made last night, I can *almost* circumnavigate the house without ever laying foot on the evil lava wood which which nothing else save to burn my slippered feet.

However, she really needs to do something about the transition from the dining room to the kitchen. It takes a running start to even get a chance at it.

I get the feeling she may have just bought all these rugs as a sly tactic to insure that she comes home to me, unconscious on the kitchen floor, with a blunt trauma wound from the unforgiving countertop.