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I'd like to just take a few bytes to plug the webcomic Sinfest.

In particular, this cartoon made me smile, while also furrowing my brow.

I've been following it for years now, off and on, and it rarely disappoints.

It's usually at least two of funny, incisive, clever or profound, and once in a while, all four.


So recently, "a friend of mine" has been getting paid quite a lot of money consulting for a firm.

They don't really ask him to do much, but pay him a lot.

Now, I was talking to him about this, and he was saying, how, at first, it was really great. He and his wife used the money to buy things that they had been planning on buying, only after months of saving .

But with this unexpected stream of money, they were able to buy these things at a rate of once a month, rather than once every 4-6.

But now, that the stream of money has gone on for around 6 months, he says he feels far different about it.

Much like sleeping pills, using them a couple of times to help you get some rest, is a good thing.

But if you find yourself popping them every night of the week... Well, you run the risk of it become a permanent part of your life.

So sometimes, despite the precense of pills in the bottle, it's more sane to just stay up and suffer through the sleeplessness, sneaking blurry eyed glances at the pills on the night stand.

At least that's how he described it to me. That, even though you *could* keep spending the money on such wonders, you have to be wary, both of the addictive property of such behavior. And, more troubling, the actual erroding of the value of achieving such little milestones you set.

At this point, I was rolling my eyes at him.

"Umm, it's just money", I told him. "You're what we call 'Extremely Lucky', not, how you say, 'Existentially Tormented'".

To this he just stammered, unable to express the way he was feeling.

Finally, he blurted out, "It feels empty and guilty... like making a living purely on acrued interest, or royalties."

Which I guess goes to prove, that all you need to do to become an economic philosopher, is watch "About a Boy" a couple times.