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Me Gusta / No Me Gusta

Last week I had a new kind of television experience with my Tivo.

Now, I'm no Tivo newb, I've been using one for quite awhile, and have always found it a useful tool, but a content agnostic tool.

This last thursday, during the episode of "The Office" entitled "The Secret" it took on a whole new role.

Pausing live TV is usually merely an added convenience. However, during that episode of "The Office", I found that it could also heighten drama and suspense. (more)


So, for the past couple years, I've made new years resolutions. Stranger yet, I actually kept them.

It started out in 2001, when I decided to just not eat fried foods anymore.

It wasn't a "diet" as much as it was a concentrated effort to just stop ordering sides of great tasting fried things at all the wonderous chicago restaurants I ended up having lunch at.

Also, it wasn't a "one fry you lose" sort of thing. I'm an engineer (arguably?) and as far as I'm concerned reducing my consumption of said item by 95 to 99% was just as good as 100%. (more)