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Akward Help

So, we just got a fence put in our backyard the other day.

And, per the axiom, I wanted to make sure my neighbor was all fine and good with it.

It was sort of a weird situation from the onset, since he's a carpenter, and:
A.) Wanted to build it himself
B.) Was only interested in getting the section between our yards done.

So, that didn't really, at all help our goal of having a "containment" fence, so our dog could run around (and we could let said dog out at 2am in our PJ's)

In fact, it made it slightly worse. Since not only would I have to participate in building 1/4 of the fence I needed, I would then have to somehow get the rest of it done too.

So, in good passive aggressive form, I let it go for a month or two. (more)