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Near.... Far...

So nearly all of you are probably here to find out how I'm coping with the whole "tons of people violently killed" and "even more slowly dying" thing.

Well, at first I was looking for a good charity to contribute to. The Red Cross Salvation Army is normally a good one, but decided not to after remembering what they pulled with "Sept-Elly" ™ funds when homosexuals were involved. (Edit: I was wrong, it was the Salvation Army which were bastards there.)

Then I found one called Noah's Wish which is all about helping out the pets in such disasters.

Clearly, I'm a lesser person for caring more about the animals than the actual people, but I was able to justify it by thinking of all the children who would want their dogs to have good homes rather than having to watch their parents strangle it to death in front of them.

So that helped for awhile. Until things got ridiculously bad. I mean, I feel bad when I don't do stuff right. Imagine how bad the people at FEMA, an entire group organized to perform one act, and then not be so good at it. They hafta feel a little bit like the crappiest T-Ball league in the division at the moment.

I found myself even unable to enjoy such Bush pot-shots such as this and this...

So it was becoming harder and harder to ignore that terrible shit was going on down there. Then, I got some insipiration!

This Heartwarming Story about how 1,000 ppl died in a stampede in Iraq during a religious pilgrimage. Heartwarming, because it was so easy to ignore. So far away.

And that gave me an idea! Just pretend all of the south is just a bit more south. Like some off-coast central american island or something. And that has helped a ton.

It's much easier now to sit back and feel self-satisifed and smug at about how much that other government sucks at shielding its citizenry from the unexpected.