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Greek Tragedy

So, turns out if you live in a blue state, you're likely depressed at the moment.

I wouldn't go so far as to say I am. Although, I can't bring myself to turn CNN on in the morning when I get ready anymore.

Despite this small gesture at self-delusion, I did manage to catch snippets of Bush's first press conference. And, I swear, no matter what he was talking about, all I heard was:
"If you haven't noticed, I'm a tragically flawed archtype", and
"Seriously, I have ''Hoo-Bris'' oozing from lying, lying eyesockets".

But that's getting off the point. Sure, I don't like Bush. My team lost, whatever, that's not really a reason to be upset or worried.

I'll tell you what does deeply concern me. The fact that I cannot, in any way, empathize with the decision of +50% of the voters in this country.

I have no problem with people who disagree with me. In fact, I often go out of my way, in an attempt, to at least understand their position.

Abortion? - I understand the opposition's arguments, and feel I could compellingly argue them.

Lower Taxes? - Absolutely, people like more money. Perhaps a bit of a shallow tact, but it at least has some defensible points.

But then we get into the crazier issues...

Iraq? - Nuff said.

Pro-throwing away unused fertilized embros? - Yeah, call me from Canada in 10 years when you run there to get state of the art medical care.

"Gay marriages ate my baby!" - Well, on this point I do at least empathize somewhat. There was a month long spat two weeks ago where I kept waking up screaming in the middle of the night after having seen the grotesque image of a man getting to see his boyfriend of 15 years in the hospital, without being hassled.

In any case. I think it's universal that most people in my situation are more bewildered, and confused than actually "depressed". A lot of my friends at work have been either accusing the opposition of being either dumb or blind jesus-freaks.

And while such talk can be fun, it isn't useful. They won, how dumb can they be? And blaming people with strong faith isn't going to get you any votes two years from now.

I will say one thing. This experience has finally given me a bit of insight into how all those Rabid Clinton haters felt. But such comparisons are ultimately unsettling...

I mean, if they could nearly get a competant president impeached for a bj... Yet we have trouble getting half the country to even recognize that the current man in office has made *any* mistakes once so ever, let alone mind-bogglingly bad ones...

While I don't have any useful advice for the future to any of the down-trodden liberals out there, I may have one piece of helpful knowledge.

That is, identifying why you're sad. The cause might be so obvious, and possibly hokey and sappy enough that you might have overlooked it.

It's a popular patrioitic word, that has gotten surpisingly little play given the events that started this whole mess.

That word is "Justice", and the many ways it has been completely ignored in the last 4 years.

Whether it is the fact that we rained death down upon a country, which whether you think it deserved it or not, assuredly did not deserve it under the reasons first given.

Or perhaps you are just sad that a man you believe to be vastly incompetant, dishonest and dangerous to the very principle of justice in all forms has been, against all logic, given his job back.

In any case, pride is the new humility, and repeated lies the new justice. Guh, pass the comfort food.