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Political Discourse

I love the internet. You probably, to a very lesser extent than me, love it too.

I know, I know, in person contact is nice. But the primary problem with those methods of communication is that there is a certain level of rudeness that it becomes impossible to communicate.

For instance, it's pretty hard for you to insult someone in real life by handing them an epic diarama which you constructed out of anger. Even if they did take it home, they probably wouldn't play with it.

But on the internet, you can squeeze your anger and dissatisfaction into a creative work, and put it out there, and it can be enjoyed by the masses, and thus, your work is not wasted.

Here are some two amazing examples of such things:

  • An amazing anti-bush Video Game. Which is both amazingly crude and lucidly informative at the same time.
  • A brand new song from Eric Idle

Enjoy please.


I got nuthin'. No astonishing revelations, and no freshly unearthed ghastly memories involving girls, and certainly no externally narrated internal conflicts.

So, for once, I thought I'd put up a bit of the usual blogger's fair, which I usually attempt to self-censor.

Perhaps it's better than nothing, we'll find out.

Here's what I've got:

  • I learned I've been boiling eggs incorrectly all my life. Apparently a "roiling boil" will overcook them. The key is to simmer!
  • I have a half-baked joke about how we clearly haven't given out any cookie dough ice cream in Iraq.
  • Finally, lemme share this terror with you: "This is what he's acting like when he's trying to get re-elected."

Well, I'd say it's clearly not worse than nothing.

More akin to treading internet water, until, um, your e-metaphor comes to an end.