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I saw two movies!

I saw two movies recently.

The first, was "Dawn of the Dead", an eye-opening look into a hypothetical libertarian utopia, in which an invigorated and selfish public throw off the unwieldly, stinking chains of government and social contracts.

As expected, things get off to a bumpy start, when the first aspirations of our virgin free-thinking populous take the form of a concensus majority who think murdering is ok.

The story follows our heros as they escape to a shrine of Capitalism and begin praying and waiting for the Spirit of the Free Market to punish the poor market choices of the rest of the world.

Now, I don't want to spoil the ending, but it does involve a zombie with a clipboard recruiting for a product "brainstorming" session (zombies love puns), and he's after the demographic of the living!

Overall, I rate it 3 "black labs pulling me off a bike" out of 5.

The second movie I saw, was "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind".

It's an amazing story, told in the sort of way that makes you wonder outloud to your wife "I wonder if any writer in the world could do justice to that movie with mere words".

Amazing in the exact same sort of way that makes her promptly reply "I don't know, I bet there's someone would could do it".

And then, unrelated to the movie, I say "Even if you disallow the hypothetical splicing of genes from Homer into Jesus back into Kurt Vonnegut?"

After which we ate ice cream.

5 akward teenage romantic attempts out of 5.


I took the above picture. So blame me if you can't read it.

The polite thing to do here, would probably be to tell you what that sticker says.

Sadly, this particular entry isn't all that good, and I fear, if I didn't have some sort of gimmick to trick you into clicking through, that nobody would.

This would cause the "reads" counter not to increase. And seeing as my self-esteem is linearly tied to that number, it simply isn't in my interest.

So you might as well , since you have to.