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Excited by kitchens all of a sudden

I stumbled upon this website, about a guy who draws little comics on business cards in bars.

Many of them made me smile. Maybe they'll make you too, I can't be sure.

Apolstry of Hope

First they want to take all our crappiest jobs.

Then they want their kids to attend some of our worst schools.

Then they want to take the place of hard-working inanimate objects made by our blue-blooded american corporations, who just happen to manufacture a majority of their goods overseas.

This my friends, is why there is a trade deficit. Incognito mexican men posing as furniture.

Actually, I have no idea why we have a trade deficit. But I'm willing to bet dollars to donuts it has something to do with American hubris.

Anyway, I'll have to keep that trick in mind when I flee to Canada to avoid the neo-conservative death-squads of 2015.

Cus IE is teh s uck

It was early. Early to the tune of 7:30. The AM kind of 7:30.

My task was simple, tell all my co-workers that they could no longer use Internet Explorer. The tricky bit was doing so in a manner that wouldn't make any of them hate me, or view me as some sort of capricious IT spirit, come to lord my arbitrary whimsies over their daily work habits.

Many of these people use Internet Explorer solidly for 8 hours a day, and have been doing so for *years*. Few people could break off such a long relationship with even a grocery product brand, let alone with an interactive buddy they had been intimately wielding for the past several dozen months...

Worst of all, the convincing people involved talking to people, an act I had become terribly unfamiliar with.

So, if you still have nothing better to do than read about my day at work, .