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And I'll form the head which can only shoot really lame laser beams!

Seeing as pretty much No One reads the site as is, I thought I invite some people much funnier than me to begin posting things.

The first being Nels, who quite frankly, is a professional comedian. I'm pretty sure somewhere, in his pocket, he's got a license or something.

The second being being(not a typo) Gabe. Gabe is the distinguished receiver of an honorary phd in absurdism for his theoretical work on Euclidean Underpants Hiding. The phd took the form of a perfect wooden red cube he found on the street one day.

I'm hoping the inclusion of these fine individuals can transform the site from the self-indugent vanity spout that it currently is, to a self-indugent vanity site shared by three people.

Oh, I'm not happy, I'm just smiling.

If any of you out there are like me, you're completely fed up with movies this summer.

Which led me to start asking, "Exactly why haven't they released a film where two elderly and not-dead cultural icons, such as say... Elvis and JFK, fight a life-stealing mummy in a nursing home"?

Well, I can't ask that question anymore, since they've made such a movie.

It's called Bubba Ho-Tep.

Sure, you're saying, *anyone* can produce that movie, but will they do it right? Say, by casting Bruce Campbell as Elvis, and a black guy as JFK? Well, you should stop saying that, since that's exactly what they did.

Oh, btw, go see "Lost in Translation". It's amazing, in that staggering sort of way great art is supposed to be.

Robot Sweat

I love mnftiu...

Sadly, it looks like Rolling Stone is paying him to write comics now, which makes me think his comics will now appear in a place I will never read...

Oh well, I guess Sinfest, Diesel Sweeties and Sluggy Freelance will have to hold me over...

Nerd Incarnate

Today, while I was at work, I was kinda bored, waiting for some packages to arrive.

And, as can be expected, my fingers began wandering to various urls, trying to tide me over for a few minutes until the UPS guy arrived.

Finally, I came upon this page: An auction for 17 lbs of Electronics Parts

I'm still honestly considering bidding on it....

It was around then, that I began wondering... "Am I trying to conform to the typical nerd stereotype or does the stereotype happen to be 100% correct?".

Cause really, what are the odds?"

Or perhaps I'm just another casualty, crushed under a deep and intricate pile of social constructions.

Poor Kyle, forced through the Playdoough FactoryŽ with the "nerd" template in.

Pity me! For I enjoy a rather cliche list of activities!

And then he bought 17lbs of electronics, The End.