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Five Mile Buffet

As always, the folks over at are doing an absolutely marvelous job of communicating my exasperated disbelief.

If things keep going like this, the amount of sarcasim necessary to even conceive of discussing politics could grow to near toxic levels..

Ouija Board Games

Once upon a time, in 1986, Milton Bradley released a game called "Fortress America".

An obvious knock-off of the far more sensible, and popular Axis and Allies board game.

The concept of Fortress America, was World War III! Except without nukes. Which makes it the first war simulation game to actually *take* longer to play than the actual war it's supposed to represent. (more)


This week's This American Life show was all about Superpowers.

You may listen to the show via Realplayer, here.

Among the interesting bits, was a man who has been asking people the following question for years.

"If you could be the only person in the world, with a super power, would you choose flight, or invisibility?"

For the anal, the specifics are, for flight, you can travel up to 500 mph, and carry as much as you could carry right now.

For invisibility, your clothes would be invisible, but not anything you picked up.

When asked, unscientifically, most people chose flight.

Some argued, that this was because people were unwilling to admit, that deep down, they really would like to skulk around woman's bathrooms, and steal sweaters rather than fly around annoying the FAA.

So which is it? Cast your vote.