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Coping Mechanisms

Some of you may know, that, recently, my grandmother on my father's side has been very near death.

Predictably, this saddens me, as she is a fantastic woman. The classic, flawless, perfect, super-sweet and nice grandmother of yesteryear.

Yet, I am not all *that* bereaved. My poor grandmother has been on death's door so often, that the grim reaper has taken to keeping a spare house key underneath her. (more)

Bad Blogger!

I apologize for my very unentertaining outburst yesterday.

You don't come here to get my opinions on things I'm barely informed on. You come here, presumably, to avoid doing work.

To repent for my self-indulgent actions, I'm going to put up a link to my rival in blogging, Nels.

He has a very entertaining bit up right now covering his ongoing quest to dunk.

Please enjoy it.

Protester Envy

Who are these cool people that manage to find out about protests?

Is it the same magical crowd that got invited to all the parties with booze in high school?

Well, since I'm too lazy to get out into the cold to say something, I guess I'll have to do it here.

Watch me pontificate:

The argument against war is pretty straightforward. So much so that even a debate team reject can mange to piece it together. There simply is no brink, no adequate solvency or concrete harms.

Sure he's a madman, but he's a madman in a tight little box full of hungry people.

The best we've come up with, is to classify chemical munitions as WMD, and then *desperately* search for some. Chemical weapons, frankly, aren't very useful for acts of terrorism (See Japan, 1995). Deployment is difficult and complex, and in almost all instances a straightfoward explosive will achieve far more. Not much of a "supports terrorism" link there.

The only realistic threat Iraq poses to American citizens is that it may revive a new round of "feed the starving children of Iraq" guilt commercials during late night TV. (more)

A Weekend in the Desert

I spent all weekend playing the online game: A Tale in the Desert

I am hopelessly addicted.

Unlike most online games, the goal of ATITD isn't to kill a monster over and over again until you get a treat.

Instead, the goal of the game is centered around the building of communities and trust.

The beginnings of the game are kinda dull. Involving a lot of collecting of grass to dry into straw.

But the second you manage to build a sheep pen, and barter for two opposite sex sheep. Well, it's hard to express the deep feeling of satisfaction.

And don't even get me started about how excited I was that we won the first nightly camel contest!

I wonder if this is what it feels like to be totally and utterly lame...

Vintage Kyle

I've finally got around to cleaning out my mail box a bit, and came upon the following email.

Like many of the things I've written in the past, I don't remember writing it at all, and if my computer weren't so certain on the topic, I may flat out deny it.

It discusses Disney Corps. motivation in buying the radio station REV105 way back when.

Date: Tue, 3 Aug 1999 14:30:30 -0500 (CDT)
From: Kyle 
Subject: Re: Why Disney bought REV105

Many people believe that Disney bought REV105 for a multitude of reasons,
including format sparring, monopoly making, or just plain spite... 

But the REAL reason they bought REV105 is that they are simply evil.  

Disney does evil, oozes evil, and even order buckets of chicken, that's right,
extra evil.  Everything they lay their hands to is eviler, and whatever Disney
speaks of is Evilest.  

They aren't some pseudo evil person grappling everyday with the good inside 
them, just evil.  

They make evil collages, sell evil toothbrushes, and more than likely, 
constantly drink from "evil only" drinking fountains.  

I mean, I thought old legacy cards which had to have
their IRQs set manually by jumper were evil, but its more of the
inconvenient type of evil, not the all encompassing, myth-altering,
frozen-head storing type of evil that defines Disney.  

Glad I could clear that up..


Capitalistic Times

My father is in town, and he took us out to dinner at Medieval Times

We started out standing outside the castle for 15 minutes, waiting in line. It was cold.

After surviving the ticketing gauntlet, we were forced to wear color coded burger king crowns, and then strongarmed into taking a picture with the queen. I was made to remove my hat, and was terribly cross.

I then waited patiently among the other 1200 adults wearing paper crowns, awaiting our chance to go eat. (more)

RMA means ''Returned Months Afterwards''

It will come as a surprise to no one that I own gadgets.

I enjoy purchasing them, and they help me feel better then everyone else.

About a year ago I bought a RioVolt SP250 mp3 cd player.

The idea being, you burn a bunch of mp3s to a cd, and you can then carry around 10+ hrs of music.

So anyway, a few months ago, October to be exact, the thing began not working. So, I contacted the manufacturer and arranged to return it. (more)

24hr News Programs Suck

If Fox News wasn't evidence enough of this, perhaps this will help.

Cnn reported that the space shuttle Columbia was traveling at 18 Times the Speed of Light!!!

Proof positive, that there's just a minimum wage hobo between you and what they put on the news ticker.