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The Greatest Singer in the World

You are the world's greatest singer.

Your voice can make wise men weep, calm a candle flame or give any man or woman's heavenly spirit a rock hard boner.

Sadly, you've become too attached to the idea of being the World's Greatest Singer. So much of your identity is wrapped up in it, that you've stopped performing, lest there might come a day when, amongst the crowds writhing with the ecstasy from your song, but one person might opine "I've heard better".

So you vowed to sing no more.

But The Greatest Singer in the World cannot simply stop singing and be at peace.

So every few months you've spend an entire day taking short, commercial airline flights around New England. You use a pseudonym and a disguise, and alway book seats near the back of the plane where the engine's din is the loudest.

And when the plane lurches forward, turbines humming, the sound of churned air clawing at the metal rivets of the plane nearly deafening, you sing.

You sing like The World's Greatest Singer, because you are.

No one is ever the wiser. Due to a mix of social pressure and G-forces no one has ever looked you in the face during those first frightening two minutes and discovered your secret.

Sure some of the people nearby you think they can hear the hint of the most beautiful music possible, but they always believe it to be an imagined artifact of the roar.
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Title: The Greatest Singer in the World
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